How MeraSMS sent 60 children back into schools.

story Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In the slums of Indirapuram,(UP, India), as report from a groun volunteer on our crowdmapping platform revealed that despite the various struggles, the parents were prioritizing education but the absence of teachers and quality education in the free-of-cost public schools had forced them to send their kids to $20-a-month after school classes. It was analyzed that these students were at serious risks of dropping-out in future and thus MeraSMS first notified the target families about nearby free-education opportunities via the SMS-Voice service.Our ground-support then further helped the interested families and got over 60 of these kids and 12 dropped out kids admitted to 4 free schools offering a recognized diploma. The families were While the 14-year-old Raju, who was forced to drop out because of his mental health, was sent to a free school for specially-abled kids.

As part of our mission, our goal is to make RTE Section 12(1)(c) accessible to eligible children in the isolated urban slums by bridging the information gap. India's Right to Education (RTE) Act mandates 25 percent reservation for children from economically and socially disadvantaged sections, in private unaided schools. This scheme thus tries to ensure that children from the disadvantaged communities receive the same quality education and learn together with children from the various social and economic strata. However, due to the prevalent information gap, most of the urban slum communities are often found to be unaware of the scheme or the structural flaws or man-made structural barriers prevent the eligible slum families from benefitting from the scheme. Our work involves collecting data to identify eligble children in the slum communities, advocating and educating the families about the scheme and the procedures involved and further partnering with local government units and nonprofit organizations to support families with the paper-work and ultimately provide them sustainable access to RTE and alike schemes.