Project Jyotika- Maternal Care Support for Urban Poor Mothers

Project Jyotika- Maternal Health Support

Connecting urban poor mothers to vital information and maternal healthcare facilities.

A significant cause of maternal and infant deaths in urban slum settlements is lack of access to preventive care information and support. Through our maternal health support program, MeraSMS uses a voice-SMS mechanism to send timely antenatal and prenatal care reminders to mothers based on their geostational stage or infant's age. Since our start in June 2016, we have so far supported over 640 mothers with their pregancies and births

As part of this mission, our goal is to make Government of India's Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (JSSK) implementable across that urban slums we work with. The scheme is estimated to benefit more than 12 million pregnant women who access Government health facilities for their delivery. Moreover it will motivate those who still choose to deliver at their homes to opt for institutional deliveries.

Through cloud-based data collection combined with volunteer networks and our SMS-Voice platform, our program focuses on identifying mothers who are eligible for Gov. of India's Janani Shuraksha Yojana, educating the families about the scheme and further support the families wit paperwork and other structural requirements to provide them with hassle-free admission into the scheme while collaborating with concerned government bodies and nonprofit organizations.

How it works

The Power of Dumb Phones + Cloud-Data

Our maternal health support program comprises of two primary initiatives: First, sending timely and medically approved maternal care reminders to mothers via a SMS-Voice service based on their geostational age or infant's age. Second, identifying eligible mothers for Gov. of India's JSSK program and educating and supporting the eligible families to benefit from the maternal care services and grants offered by the 6 year-old scheme.


Collecting and crowdmapping vital data

Once a mother decides to join our service, we record mother's geostation age, infant's age, past complications and other vital data which is added to our cloud database to effectively provide matern health assistance.


Maternal Care Reminders

We then use the geostational ages and other specific information of mothers to deliver timely and medically approved prenatal and antenatal care reminders, vaccination guides and other maternal mortality preventive information.


Identifying and educating eligible families on JSSK

We use crowdmapped data to identify target urban slums' mothers eligible for Gov. of India's Janani Shuraksha Karyakram. Then, through our voice-SMS platforms and ground-volunteers, we educate the families with vital information about the scheme and work to provide them hassle-free admission into the beneficial scheme.


Connecting mothers to maternal healthcare

Providing nearby referrals to low-cost and free birth and maternal care healthcare services, and identifying elible families, providing them with necessary assistance through SMS-Voice platform and ground-volunteers and ultimately provide them with sustainable access to Janm Janani Shuraksha Karyakram and other matern care programs and NGO initiatives.

Our Impact

Since the launch, we have helped over 700 urban slum mothers nationwide. Since most of these mothers live in regions of digital deficit and information gap, we used a simple low-cost technology that works: SMS and Voice messages.
Our timely voice messages provide mothers with comprehensive maternal care and preventive information which is specially tailored based on their geostational age or infant's age. By sending timely antenatal and prenatal care messages which include tailored pregnancy follow-ups, parenting and family planning tips, nutrition guides and clinic and immunization reminders, we have helped the mothers to achieve ideal health for themselves and their children.

Additionally to our maternal care SMS-Voice support, we also work to connect our target mothers to Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram and other governmental/NGO free-of-cost maternal healthcare services. Our method involves:


Collecting crowdmapped information from slum households and identifying eligible women for JSSK and other maternal care schemes.


Identifying and tackling the underlying factors and barriers that make these schemes inaccessible to the mothers. Using SMS and Voice data platform to connect eligible women with the right vital information regarding the scheme and procedures.


Using ground-volunteers and collaboration with government and alike bodies to further help with paper-work procedures and provide the women with seamless access to JSSK scheme.


The welfare programs such as Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY/JSSK) scheme promote institutional delivery, reduce neo-natal mortality and provide postpartum care and grassroots maternal care centres. Moreover, they provide financial assistance to Below-Poverty-Line, Scheduled Caste, ST pregnant women. Thus, the partner schemes complement our voice-SMS programs and help us carry our mission forward!