Collaborate with us


We have identified communities that need urgent help. We need you to change their lives.

We are working to use reliable technology to identify the basic and humanitarian needs of neglected communities in slums and refugee settlements. Through our network of NGO and alike partners, we are able to communicate data to those who can provide the required assistance.


Share vital information
Help us know more about what you do and where you work. We collect real-time crowdmapped ground reports from the most neglected and unmapped communities to identify what amenity and where it is needed. We use these geotagged ground-reports to match you with the people in your region of work who need assistance.


Reach the communities stuck in the information gap.
We believe that your services can change the lives of the communities in the urban slums and refugee camps who, due to the information gap, still lack access to any government or NGOs welfare programs. Through our SMS-Voice platfomr, we break through this information gap to connect the isolated communities to vital information which included referalls to our partner NGO organizations.


Get the Ground-Support you need.
Apart from our SMS-Voice based technologies, our mission to bridge he gap between neglected slum and refugee communities to government and NGO run welfare programs is also achieved with the help of the hundreds of MeraSMS ground-volunteers. Our volunteers are often members of the slum communities or young students who have taken up the challenge to mobilize and lead their communities to connect them to vital information.